Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ewok arms race

Just after Christmas Cathy found some reduced Star Wars Lego and bought me a set called 'Ewok Attack'. It's been sat on the side for a while, but I finally found the time to build it.

Having acquired plenty of Star Wars Lego in my time, I already owned a Star Wars Lego set called 'Ewok Attack'. and it seemed natural to put the two together.

I like the hang-glider. The bizarre looking tree thing is a mishmash of Lego plant elements from other sets.

But the fight now looked a bit one-sided. And we all know the Emperor sent a "legion" of his "best troops" to Endor. So here they are.

And 'chaaaaaarge!'

I've actually had sets with a number of Imperial Speeder Bikes in. The designs have changed and become more refined in the past ten years.

This picture includes a winter-camo speeder bike from a Hoth set and also a micro-speeder from a Star Wars giveaway. Lined up you can see how the design has evolved - the first speder bike was quite a blocky affair. Now, with several new elements it actually looks like a speeder-bike.

Eventually they'll produce a design that can fly!

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