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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Paris - day 2

The next day we discovered arguably the best thing about our apartment - it was above an award-winning bakery. We managed to visit five times in three days. The pastries were amazing!

"Our" boulangerie. It has ruined eating pastries in this country for me.

We went to the zoo. The Paris Menagerie is one of the oldest in Europe. During the French Revolution the starving inhabitants of the besieged city ate all the animals. They have since restocked...


...with mad flamingoes...

...and friendly hippos.

Well, some of them are friendly.

We got soaked at the zoo, so we went back to the apartment, dried out and then decided to stay indoor. Galleries Lafayette is the kind of shop they only really build in Paris.

This was the stained glass domed roof!

 The sun came out for a bit, so we went back out - to the Champs Elysee.

The cultural  sensitivity of big corporations was in evidence in the McDonald's.

We walked up the Champs Elysee and saw the Arc de Triomphe. That's three of the big four landmarks done in just two days.

 It's a big arch (he said, unnecessarily!)

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