Thursday, May 05, 2011

Voting firsts

Election today. A couple of firsts for me...

First time voting in a UK-wide referendum. I have voted in two previous refferendwms (i.e. Welsh-only votes).

First time where I has a personal stake in the election, in that the Labour party have made a manifesto pledge to keep my project running. I like my job. Guess how I voted.

Also, another first - being handed three voting ballots. Never have I had to make so many X's!

I haven't done the usual run down of pre-election bumf. But to sum it up - the parties prefer writing to Cathy than to me, the Tory candidate looked like a slug, for some reason we got delivered Labour leaflets for another area's candidate as well as our own, the Liberal Democrats comments about the NHS were a pack of lies, Plaid Cymru had the scariest leaflet (about letting the Tories in through the back door!), the Greens thought Cathy was more likely to read than me (my mailing was a poster).

All good fun.

I love elections. I'd vote every year if we had to.

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