Sunday, October 25, 2009

No, you're going to drown, little girl. Sorry.

Don't know if you've seen the latest adverts to try and persuade us all to stop producing CO2, where there's a dad reading a bedtime story about the 'evil CO2 monsters' living up in the sky and how we're all going to get washed away when the ice caps melt. It ends with the kid asking "Is there a happy ending?"

I am truthfully a bit worried about global warming as my house that's oh so convenient for the Bay is only about six feet above sea level. Unlike friends of mine who live on top of hills, or far enough inland to not worry so much, I've got an elevation of six feet and about quarter of a mile until the seawater gets me.

And the thing is I think global warming is going to get worse. I base this assumption on some simple observed phenomena.
1) There are several people in this world who are easily distracted idiots who are incapable of turning off X Factor and turning on the news.
2) People are selfish and want to buy cheap crap made in China, regardless of how many emissions there are in production or transportation.
3) Stopping global warming will be expensive and no one wants to pay for it.
4) Cars are convenient and often cheaper to run than relying on public transport.
5) Burgers aren't going out of fashion any time soon.

So, I think the only solution is to take this personally, and abuse people who abuse the planet. After all their actions are effectively going to flood my house, the selfish gits. Be warned if you drive a 4x4 in my city.


  1. Don't worry Jon. If you really really think your house is going to flooded soon, there is room which can be made in my house.

    No but it is really true. People think that it is a real load of rubbish but I have the same opinion to. One of the things I want to do in life is reach the age of 33 and if the movie 2012 is really going to happen like it shows and when it happens, then we should all be worried for our lives. People should be hypnotised into stop global warming.

  2. Oddly I was looking at my packet of crisps this morning (not my usual habit) but noticed a small foot on the bottom right telling me that in the production of the 34.5g of crisps, walkers made 80g of co2. - more than twice the weight of the crisps themselves!?!?!