Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sometimes a marketing claim could do with a little bit of self-analysis

At the venue for the Ben Taylor gig on Tuesday night there were posters for 'Nearly Dan', a tribute act to Steely Dan, playing soon.

Their tagline was "The UK's number 1 Steely Dan tribute act!"

To which my response was "Really? There's more than one Steely Dan tribute act?"

And why are they only number 1 in the UK? Are there European Steely Dan tribute acts that outshine them? I don't really know any Steely Dan songs and they may well be HUGE in Albania, or Leichtenstein or somewhere, but I doubt there's a massive industry of Steely Dan tribute acts in some overlooked back-of-beyond part of the continent.

And who gives out that award anyway? Is there a Grand Jury of Tribute Acts that passes judgement on them and enforces rankings? Thinking about it, that's the kind of thing there should be.

It just seems a very odd (and unverifiable) claim.

(And, no, I won't be going to see them...)

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