Thursday, June 04, 2009

Euro elections

I normally keep a tally of what we get through the door at election time, so here goes:

Liberal Desperates: 4 bits of bumf, slagging off everyone else as usual but with no discernible policies. I think their tagline should be "We hate everyone and want to tell you about it." Their local guy Dominic Hannigan comes across as a real moaner. An egotist too. All the election stuff is about him and he's not even standing.

Labour: 2 glossy brochures, both with a picture of Rhodri Morgan in his garden with a cup of tea, looking like that jolly old uncle who you suspect tops up his tea with a tipple when no one's looking. Bless.

The Conservatives: a glossy brochure and a rubbishy pamphlet. David Cameron features heavily. Interesting claim that "Conservatives fought for a new trade deal focussed on the needs of the poorest countries and respect for human rights." Leopards and spots come to mind.

Plaid: 1 bit of bumf with a real focus on local issues. Free buses in Cardiff city centre, new trains, and a campaign to save the Vulcan pub in Splott. Not really the biggest issues in Europe, are they? I did like their bit about how we need to stop creating 'identikit towns' with new developments. Fully agree with that.

UKIP: The first 2 bits of electoral bumf we received, one of which was a teensy bit racist. Also purloined Winston Churchill to their campaign, which is a bit unfair as he's dead and can't sue them for using his image without permission.

According to the list up at the polling station I could also vote for the BNP, the Green Party, the Christian Party (hmmm), the Socialist Labour Party and a couple of other fringe candidates. But none of them got in touch so I presume they don't want me to vote for them. (Interestingly, I noticed one of the candidates for the Socialist Labour Party owns one of the bookshops in Hay-on-Wye and lives in Hay Castle, which seems a bit odd, but there you go.)


  1. Perhaps the other parties feel you'd prefer not to recieve tat through the door? I got a recorded phone message from some woman from coronation street (on behalf of labour) telling me to vote.

  2. We only got leaflets through from Labour and the more extremist parties, namely the BNP. No one else. I guess no one else wanted our vote; unfortunately for one of them, we voted for them in spite of their lack of tacky leaflet!! ;)

  3. I never read the bumf - it goes straight in the bin. They're always badly designed and poorly written.