Friday, June 26, 2009

North Pole report

Not seen any polar bears yet although it is surely just a matter of time. Gloriously sunny yesterday but overcast today.

Stopped off en route to take in some culture - Romeo & Juliet at the Ludlow Festival. Juliet was a tomboy. Not entirely convinced. The actor playing Romeo did well. It's a drippy part to play but he managed to inject some manliness into it. And the fella playing Mercutio did well as well, delivering the dreaded Queen Mab speech with manic gusto so that it felt like speech and not a speech. Too often with the well-known speeches the actor breaks out of character to deliver their monologue. Not so here. Although how any Juliet can keep a straight face saying "Romeo, Romeo.." I don't know.

We head further North tomorrow into the trackless wastes of Northernshire. Catch you later.

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