Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two good things

Firstly yesterday I had the sitcom script I wrote with Justin returned by the BBC Writer’s room with some very encouraging comments written on it, including “you demonstrate a flair for comedy that’s certainly worth developing”. The script-reader also said it made her laugh out loud at points which she said is unusual for a first-time comedy script. So, we've got some stuff to go on there, I think.

The second thing is, of course, Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election. I felt unbelievably tense last night because I so wanted him to win (I have done ever since I read his book in the summer). I don’t think I’ve prayed/pleaded so much over one thing in absolutely ages. When the election coverage began and people started saying it looked like he was on course to win, I felt even more tense. What if it all went wrong? What if the exit polls had messed up?

Anyway, I went to bed and this morning turned on the TV to find out he had won. The feeling of relief! The sense that now things may well change, and also that ordinary Americans had actually done the right thing and voted for the right guy kind of rebuilds that faith in Americans which I for one want to have.

I’ve fallen in love with America over the last couple of years and as a nation it deserves a president who is going to encourage it to shine as a beacon of hope, freedom and democracy in a sometimes very dark world. It may take some time to take off the tarnish of the Bush years, but this is such a step forward in terms of America’s stature and the perception of America out here in the rest of the world.

I tried to explain this to my American car-pool buddy this morning, but I think it might have come across as vaguely patronising. It’s hard to explain why something like this feels like a great weight has lifted off my shoulders. It’s that elusive thing called hope.


  1. I completely agree, I tried to stay up last night to listen to all the votes being announced but fell asleep. Woke up and cycled to work feeling really happy that there will be change!

  2. Amen. We are still lapping up the coverage on BBC2, it's just incredible that it has actually happened. I'm so pleased the American people were sensible and voted for the right person at last.

    And hey, well done Jon and Justin - that's fab about the script. You are a great team :)