Monday, November 10, 2008

Cake wrecks

Matt put me on to the Cake Wrecks blog, which is just culinary art at it's most awful. But they also showcase some amazing cakes, like these wicked cupcakes, which I think are possible the coolest cakes I've ever seen!

And at the risk of seeming like a Dalek obsessive, check out the gallery of Dalek cakes to see some cake wreckery of such awesomeness it defies adequate description. I especially like the final line referencing Empire Strikes Back: "Bad Space Snake. Bad."


  1. Those Daleks are bloody brilliant! (in a sad kinda way)



  2. hear hear.... they are, indeed, the coolest cakes i've ever seen!!

  3. I needed a laugh today and I got it looking at those cakes. I feel quite pleased with my efforts over the years. The best one you asked me for was a cat standing on 4 legs with its tail in the air. I had to explain we were talking about cake here which is a little limited in what you can do with it. Living at the time in the African bush did not help either. You had a cat lying down!