Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, it had to end sometime

My streak of Shrewsbury Town wins came to a shuddering halt yesterday as they contrived to lose a dire game 1-0, to Bury. My record at the New Stadium is still Seen 5, Won 4, Lost 1. But I had hoped to make it a season unbeaten. I guess the only way to do that is to not go!

The Town have a new manager but seem to be as rickety as ever at the back. Bury had at least four very good chances to score caused by simple balls over the top which somehow eluded the new "experienced" centre back, Graeme Lee. In League Two jargon, "experienced" obviously means "slow".

Town missed a couple of sitters too - the guiltiest party has to be Ben Davies who somehow failed to get a shot on target which really should have been buried. I was sat right behind him on the shooting angle and I still can't work out how he missed. But even if those chances had been converted, Town could still have lost 6-3.

As bad as it was to see my first defeat at the New Stadium, my cousin Mike, who'd come over from Birmingham just to see the game, saw his unbeaten run of Town games come to an end with the first Town defeat he'd ever seen live. His run stretched back to 1984. That's 28 years without seeing Shrewsbury lose. Until yesterday.


  1. 24 years no? Need a calculator over there?

  2. Jon, our pay is safe with Clare on the case. woohoo!

  3. Haha, but wouldn't you rather get more pay?? Maybe we should put Jon on payroll.

  4. so that's the secret of getting people to comment. be deficient in maths!

  5. yep. just do things that we can mock :D It makes us feel good :D