Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Cathy went to the opticians yesterday and told them how her eye seems to have been 'flickering' of late. She was referred to eye casualty at Heath Hospital and so I took her up there today.

We both felt apprehensive in case it would mean another op (she had one about 5 years ago). But after a good, long peer into her eye, the optician said there was nothing to worry about. Of course, now she has to wait for her super-dilated pupils to get back to normal. But at least she's home!

Interesting side note
I don't often ascribe things to supernatural intervention, but yesterday the optician said she could see lots of pigment floating in her 'eye jelly'; a condition they refer to as 'tobacco dust'. Lots of people prayed about the situation lats night, and today the optical consultant said he couldn't see any pigment, even though he was using the super-duper hospital equipment to look into her eyes.

An answer to prayer or just an interesting occurrence...?

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