Friday, March 14, 2008


Work thing. (So if you're googling me because you're reading my CV, don't hold this against me - you know who you are, potential employers!)

I used the word apparently on a web page and was asked to change it because I shouldn't be so cynical. I wasn't being cynical when I chose that word; I was just in a hurry.

And the person who asked me to change it didn't ask me directly. They asked someone else who asked someone else who asked me. So three people had to take time out to 'fix a problem' and I ended up so far removed from the original complainant there was no way I could explain that I wasn't actually being cynical, it was just a word on a web page.

Now here's the thing - if the complainant had said 'Jon, change that word', I'd have done it. But they decided to waste other people's time, because they assumed I was being cynical and subversive.

And apparently it was too much to check whether their assumptions were true or not...

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