Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well I take a few days off and the place falls apart. Got back into work today to find that a) the toilets were out of order and we had portaloos in the car park; and b) the servers are out of action and I couldn't access any of the files I needed to work on.

I don't think the two areas are related, although if they are, that gives a new meaning to the phrase "data dump". (And possibly explains the quality of some people's work...)

Crucially, though, I did get on and complete my latest inspiring task - working out the Biscuit Supply Rota for the new team.

I realise as I'm job-hunting, some of the stuff I write on here about work makes my career seem trivial and banal. Which, of course, is a contributory factor to the restlessness. On that note I had an exciting chat with someone today about a high-powered Comms job that looks the biz. It would stretch me to the nth degree, but I need that because life is too short to be bored.

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