Thursday, February 14, 2008

Men and women, part 1,982,456

Yesterday on a late run to Tesco Extra, the main clientele were blokes buying Valentine's tat and flowers. A guy behind us in the queue had a bunch of roses costing £35.00.

In a discussion with (male) colleagues today we agreed he was probably buying them for someone other than a wife or long-term partner, mainly because a wife or long-term partner would flip out if you spent £35 on flowers instead of something useful. Of course, he could have been so rich, £35 was just spare change, but if he was that affluent, he hid it well.

In fact my wife/long-term partner couldn't believe someone would spend £35 on roses (especially not from Tesco) and said as much to me. "No," I agreed, wistfully. "For that money I could buy that really amazing lego set of the radio-controlled dinosaur that's marked down at half price..."

I do love lego.

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