Monday, February 11, 2008


I took the day off work today to go paintballing with the youth. T'was tremendous fun. And as I said to some of my fellow group leaders, the way things are at work at the moment, spending a day running round in the mud being shot at, is far more preferable to being in work.

I have to admit before I went I was a bit worried I'd be the de facto target for the games. But in reality when you're in the games you spend so much time scrambling for cover you can't really pick any one person out. Plus I'd let it be known I would operate along the same lines as Imperial Rome and dish out a disproportionate response to anyone who shot me - namely a severe case of revenge shooting. (Of course Imperial Rome would just crucify the whole village, but the principle of disproportionate response was the same)

I even managed to avoid getting any major bruises. The only one I have got is conveniently on my forearm, so I can show it off tomorrow and bask in the kudos of putting my life on the line "for the kids." Oh, yeah.

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