Monday, April 23, 2007

Keep it short and snappy

I've seen a number of films on DVD, on planes etc recently, so thought I'd update the film review section on here with a quick run down. If you don't like to know the ending, look away now.

Superman Returns
Lame attempt to revive the franchise, despite the presence of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. A few of the baddies die in the end, although I was so bored I couldn't care less by then.

The Prestige
Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are rival stage magicians. They both die in the end.

The Departed
Oscar liked this film. I thought it was OK, if a bit bleak. Everybody dies in the end.

The Good Shepherd
Matt Damon sets up the CIA and then has to decide what to do to protect his son, who's also joined the agency. He ends up arranging for his son's Russian spy wife to be killed. Or something. To be honest this was bleaker than The Departed. At least that had Jack Nicholson in it.

Bit of an oldie, but pretty good. John Travolta is an everyman who sees a UFO, except it turns out to be a brain tumour. He then takes a long time to die.

Casino Royale
Gives the Bond franchise a shot in the arm. Bond plays cards a lot, and both his love interests die. At the end he shoots a man as a conversation starter.

Ocean's Twelve
Convoluted heist thriller sequel that's also a convoluted heist thriller. Nobody dies, but you wish they would.

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