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Friday, April 06, 2007

Hell for the company

As the saying goes: Heaven for the weather, hell for the company. Well, we've got the company, but the weather decided to go a bit British today. In fairness it's been threatening all week. Monday was supposed to be a downpour, but instead it was mirror-calm and clear skies when we went out fishing. Then Tuesday was supposed to be awful, but it wasn't. Then Wednesday...

Eventually the negative forecast was right. And perhaps it's a good thing too, because it hasn't rained properly here for a month and the water tank is getting a little low. To cap it all I've developed a full-on runny nose, which I suspect I caught off lurgy Ab who's been struggling with a cold since we left NYC.

Even so we took a trip into Hamilton, where most places were closed it being Good Friday, and had lunch at the Hog Penny. I had a chicken bhuna to try and evict the sniffles and, combined with some cold medicine and a nap, now feel a good deal better, four hours later.

I remember back in the 80s when we went to Florida, we had loads of warm Florida rain and kept getting told how it was the "most rain they'd ever had". When we first arrived here we kept getting told how they "never" had overcast, cloudy days, like the ones we've had this past week or so.

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At 7/4/07 12:46, Blogger Orient Bird said...

I'm frankly amazed that you don't more exciting things to do on holiday than blog... I haven't sent your birthday present yet, because I thought you wouldn't be there to pick it up. I'm putting it in the post before I fly to Singapore tomorrow... I'll be there a week and *I* don't intend to go ANYWHERE near the internet all week...!

At 16/4/07 22:35, Blogger Jongudmund said...

ah, well , thanks to the wonders of retroactive blogging, sometimes posts go on after the fact as it were


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