Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our questions define us

Gradually I’ve learned that our questions define us. Of course you can use questions for all kinds of comic laughs. There’s nothing quite as funny as a dumb question. So when someone in the office went to see the film The Queen, my question “What’s that about?” raised some hearty laughs.

But there are some other questions that will forever define some people. Like for example the question about the Rocky Horror Picture Show: “Is that the one based on Macbeth?”

Another classic is the question from Elaine: “Do they pluck chickens before or after they kill them?” (In fairness to her, some people probably do pluck them before they kill them, and we call those people BASTARDS!)

Then there’s my all-time favourite from a lady doctor friend of mine who really should remain anonymous when she asked: “Can you guess what toy I keep in my bed?”

It’s funny, but she doesn’t own any of the toys I suggested.


  1. Anonymous8/2/07 14:03

    I think the spelling mistake makes that joke lose its meaning somewhat.

  2. what would I do without my trusty sidekick to correct my spelling?