Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get 'em while they're young

Up in Shrubbery today after celebrating Grandad's 90th yesterday in Wrexham. We travelled through Bwlchgwyn which claims to be the highest village in Wales. Ironically both me and Dad disputed that fact quite independently from each other, which apparently shows that I am indeed doing what everyone jokes that I'm doing and turning into him. (There's worse fates.)

One personality trait my Dad has that I definitely have inherited is a tendency to hoard stuff. But that can be quite interesting such as when he discovered the membership cards that Dave and I had as "founder members of the family stand" at Shrewsbury Town FC. (Don't ask!)

I don't quite know why they wanted a photo of me on the card, but here it is, twenty-two seasons on. It would seem that I started with the "sullen teen" posing quite early on in life...


  1. Just looking at older posts on your Blog Jon and Came across this one. Looks like on your membership card that they spelt Matthias with only ONE T not two

  2. Yeah it's shocking. What can I say? People have been misspelling my name since I were a wee nipper.

    Ignorant peasants.