Saturday, July 06, 2019

Lookalikey Castle

I've just got back from a brilliant trip to Belfast watching Barry Town lose gallantly (and heavily) to Cliftonville FC. More on that later.

I also timed my 36 hour trip to when my friends Bryan and Elaine were over there. Elaine hails from the area and they took me to Carrickfergus where she grew up. One of the things Elaine pointed was the castle. It might seem strange to bother pointing out castles to a visitor from Wales where we have more castles per square kilometer than any other part of Europe, but Elaine wanted me to see it because she reckons it looks like Castle Greyskull from the old He-Man cartoons. (She knows me well enough to know that's the kind of sightseeing sight I want to see!)

I was slightly sceptical. But then I saw it.

Carrickfergus Castle

Castle Greyskull

Yep. Elaine was right. That is the real world home of He-Man.

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