Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look wot I winned in Shcool, mum! I got given Prize's!

This letter was pinned up in my local Tesco Metro. Here's a question Mr Headteacher, when are you going to teach the kids about the correct use of apostrophes?

I'm sure the kids loved their prize's.

I was also confused by the school motto on the letterhead, and I quote...

"Our Mission is to be the best I can be and proud I am me."

I'm all for motivating and building self-esteem into young people, but I also want them to be able to construct sentences that makes sense. How can 'our' mission be something 'I' do?


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  2. Anonymous25/4/10 22:46

    Makes you want to weep!!! At least he could get someone to check a public notice, or was it done by the secretary and not read properly before being signed and sent?

  3. Blimey, Paul Catris is in charge there, now, eh?
    That being the case- Ima defend him to the hilt in more than just the interest of balance.
    I'd say the courtesy to write with thanks (when so few would) is so much more important than a bit of grammer (admittedly, it's one of the very same areas of grammer I find the rules for a touch too inconclusive to commit to; but I didn't say I'd be unbiased) that it seems to negate the isolated absence of proofreading. In extra defense, 'Word' commonly suggests you withdraw a correct apostrophe and add an erroneous one, causing even such a beautiful writer as myself- in every reading, obviously- to doubt that which I thought I knew before a universally renowned, automated invigilator starts upon assessing my on screen thoughts.
    But, more significantly:
    that same fella is at least 50% of why I draw today and why I draw in the storytelling format that I do, too.
    (I can honestly only think of, maybe, one other teacher that's ever influenced me quite as positively as him- and I've had 'extra curricular' experience of teachers in more recent memory, too- 'boom-boom'! Seriously- who knew teachers were, like, real people? Aaaanyway...)
    I've genuinely had a pretty decent hand from schooling, going by the relative accounts of others; but that guy was a prince among men and no mistake. I'd take a creative, genuine, passionate dude in his line of work for the best reasons, with a degree of care and responsibility that'll inspire useful members of society over anybody else in a position of power (who may know where to shove his aostrophe) that I've yet met.
    That's the defense.
    (Make no mistake- this ain't an attack by any means, which is precisely why I left the low brow, Basil Brush-esque sleaze in: to, hopefully, keep the mood bouyant. 'Tis the danger of online publishing, though: One minute you think you're light-heartedly writing a whimsical slight on somebody into something of a void and that that piece'll never come back to bite you; the next, you've appeared akin to a sour media empire that's misjudged an attack on a busy, one-eyed man with poor spelling that simply wanted to write a compassionate letter of condolence to the grieving. The cue: everything will always come back to you. sooner or later.)
    Congratulations, though, on prompting the first (and hopefully only) reply I've ever posted online in any forum outside of social networks. (And* I've read a lot of infuriating 'geek' boards in recent memory- even discussing me!) Kudos ;)


    *Intentional 'and'.

  4. Thanks Paul. I feel a bit bad now.

    Tbh I imagine this has been done by a secretary and sent on his behalf.

    I wouldn't mind talking to you about an idea I had for a comic book at some point.