Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I don't usually do 'words'...

...and I certainly don't post them on here if I do get a sense of something I should share. But this was something else, and it also marked a milestone for me in that it was the first 'public word' I've given in the church I've been going to for nearly three years.

It was at the Refresh event a week ago, and was confirmed by another 'word' immediately before mine, which scarily gave what I had to say more legitimacy for me.

But first a contextual note: Cathy and I have been reading through the Bible in a year and we're on the freaky apocalyptic books at the end of the Old Testament, which in this One Year Bible parallels Revelation, so that's two doses of apocalyptism in one sitting. Not easy. But anyway, there's a load of stuff in there about "bowls of God's wrath" being poured out upon the nations, in particular Babylon being cast down to the dismay of all those nations that grew rich through trading with her and so on.

As I was sitting in the meeting, I felt a sense of wrath and judgement and a feeling that God's wrath is going to fall on all those nations who had deserted him and had followed false gods and idols, setting up empires in their names. But that God would reach down and cover his chosen with his hand and protect them from the judgement that was coming.

I often mock those 'words' that are given that seem all about flowers and sunshine, mainly because I don't get 'words' like that. I'd like to, but I just don't. In fact the only entirely positive word I can ever remember giving was to my friend Phil at the beginnings of his church plant in North Shrewsbury. (And that came true, NSCC is now a viable church)

So, make of this what you will. I'm not claiming to be a prophet, nor am I claiming that this will come to pass. But if it does, you read it here first. (And it would probably be best to be part of the chosen - my advice, it usually is.)

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