Monday, February 02, 2009

The debate around flirt to convert

Had a convo last night at the 'youth in a cafe thing' about whether it was okay for me to chat up, er, I mean 'witness', to the hot waitress and ask her about her cool neck tattoo. One person said, 'Should we tell your wife'. I was like, 'Yeah, she would laugh and gleefully watch me crash and burn...'*

But anyhow, I didn't, because there is always that thing of if you talk to someone they might get the wrong idea. And then today I discovered this blog post about witnessing that looks like hitting on people. The comments are as funny as the original post.

I particularly like the acronym S.T.U.D. - Salvation Through Unbiblical Dating. Quality.

*I was like, so, offended that they thought I meant it... that I started using 'like' instead of 'said'!

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