Friday, October 17, 2008

“We’re reclassifying our seat locations”

No more evidence of a global economic crisis is needed than this mini-article from the email newsletter from the San Diego Padres.

Season Tickets at '07 Prices
Guarantee your seats to all the big games in 2009, at 2007 Season Ticket prices! The Padres will not be increasing Season Ticket prices for the upcoming season. Plus, through a reclassification of nearly 10,000 seat locations, about 25% of seats will go
down in price, some by as much as $8 per ticket.

Don't miss out; get your Season Tickets on Monday!

Or, alternatively:

“Oh crap, no one’s got any money any more. Slash the prices quick!”

“We can’t say ‘Prices Slashed!’ People will think we’re panicking.”

“Okay, okay, what to do, I know, reclassify the seats!”

“Yes, sir!”

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