Monday, August 18, 2008

Soul Survivor

It was very wet a couple of days and very muddy the rest. Trying to sleep in a tent with what sounds like a power shower drumming on canvas just above your head is nigh on impossible. But I survived.

Some highlights
  • Feeling really reconnected with God, especially through the worship times.
  • The kids from our group going forward at the request of the platform to pray for random people they didn't know, and realising we are coaching fearless young people
  • Hearing one lad play the worship song he wrote after coming on our youth weekend away back in June
  • The challenge to love the church - God says "Love me; love my kids"
  • A seminar on lust/pornography which was probably the best talk I've ever heard on keeping your thought-life pure
  • Watching over 600 kids stream forward to commit their lives to Jesus during the week
  • Despite the rain and the wind and the cold and the mud and the boggin' toilets/showers, at the end of the five days almost all the kids seemed sad to be going home... and I kind of did too (although it was nice to get home to my lovely wife and civilised living)


  1. Great stuff! I loved going to Soul Survivor. Although like you the camping takes its toll these days.

  2. So glad you had such a good time; your summary's fab. There's something so powerful about seeing young people get so fired up for God, it's infectious! Really glad all went well - sorry about the customary mud and torrential rain though! :)