Saturday, August 23, 2008

A sign of the impending apocalypse

Guys we're doomed. Seriously. I've just seen a portent of the end. Shrewsbury Town won a game when they were really the second best team on the pitch. That doesn't happen - usually they lose miserably by being outplayed, or play really well but still lose unjustly. They don't chase the game and come out on top. It's the end I tell ye, the end!

Although my run spectating at the Prostar Stadium (or Pornstar Stadium as I can't help but think of it) is now looking pretty good. Since Town moved there my record is:
Games Seen: 6
Games Town have won: 5
Games Town have lost: 1

And a dodgy 1-0 win against Aldershot has also put Town top of the table. Okay it's only after 3 games, but being at the top is still being at the top. Of course, it would be hard to be at the bottom. Three massive points deductions for other clubs have made this season a bit of a non-event regarding relegation. Perhaps it's typical that when there's little danger of being relegated, Town actually start playing well!

Tha game itself was real end-to-end stuff. If the pitch hadn't been so slippy Aldershot would have scored in the first half, but their big striker fell over. Even so they watered the pitch at half time. Obviously the problem was the grass wasn't wet enough!

Shrewsbury's goal was a Grant Holt header, connecting with a low cross from the right wing. The Shots keeper didn't move as it went in, and for a split second nobody really believed it had gone in and wasn't offside or anything. Then we all went nuts and jumped up and down, as you do.

And that was it. For an open game with so much last ditch defending, it surprisingly ended at just 1-0, although for a long time I thought I was going to stretch my run of 0-0 draws to three matches, so I'm not complaining. I'm still just a little bit amazed that it was 1-0 to Shrewsbury.


  1. And guess who has missed both home wins this season...

  2. well, laddio, you've only got yourself to blame...