Sunday, May 25, 2008

7 hours in A & E on "head injury Saturday"

When we go round to see our friend M and her daughter Roo, one of the things Roo likes to do is play hide and seek. She often likes to hide when we arrive and was so keen this time, she ran into a door and cut her forehead really badly. We heard the thump followed by screaming even though we were standing outside, and when M opened the door, Roo was gushing blood.

Once we'd cleaned off the blood it was obvious it was really deep, so we went up to casualty. Except it was head injury day. One kid had obviously come of his bike and landed on his face - multiple gashes and cuts and a big one on his temple. A 3-year old boy had a huge cut on his forehead and a shirt covered in blood. When he went in for stitches, he was stitched up for forty five minutes and apparently the doctor lost count how many he'd had.

So eventually it was Roo's turn and the doctor was so nice if ever I have to have stitches I want her sewing me up. Roo was very good and kept very still and now hopefully she'll just have a little line for a scar instead of Nike-style swoosh above her eye.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's for fries followed by ice cream. The duty manager gave Roo her ice cream for free where she'd been to hospital for so long. It was one of those unlooked for acts of kindness which I felt incredibly grateful for. McDonald's come in for some stick at times, but after that I'm probably going to stick up for them.

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