Thursday, October 25, 2007

I don't just read junk

I've finished reading my 17th book of 2007, Wraith Squadron, a Star Wars novel in the X-Wing series - low brow tat even in the genre of science fiction, but fun to read. Now though I'm working my way through what I started reading before Wraith Squadron - a collection of sermons by CH Spurgeon. This quote stood out, especially given how it was written 150 years ago:
"But just think for a moment what this foolish sinner claims; he claims the right to live in blindness! You who can see must not tell him that he is blind; if you do so he says you are infringing on his rights. He says that he has a right to lie in prison, if he chooses to do so; and if you come and hammer at the door, or shout to him through the iron bars that there has come One who can let loose the captives, he complains that you are disturbing him. Here is a man on the verge of destruction, asleep on the edge of a precipice. If you wake him, he tells you that he has a right to sleep there if he likes, and that he does not want you to rouse him up in that rough way, and talk to him about his imminent danger. If he does get up he abuses you and says, 'Mind your own business. You go your way, and let me alone.'"

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