Saturday, January 06, 2007

Once you start to proofread

Here's an unexpected side effect of a job with plenty of proofreading - constantly noticing other people's print screw ups (like this classic from Christianity magazine). Today's inadvertent copy check came from the paper on my battered sausage and chips.

I'm not sure what I like most about proper chip shop chips. I know I love the contrast beween hot chips and fresh-from-the-fridge cold ketchup, or crunchy batter and soft sausage inside (mmm). Or maybe it's the fact that you get to unwrap your dinner like a present. There's that quantum excitement factor - will it still be the same thing that you saw being wrapped in the chip shop?

The paper today was a back of the tabloid ad spread - very unsavoury subject matter to wrap round a savoury meal. Amid all the lurid small ads was a large ad that caught my eye. Not because of the topless glamour model in it, but because said model was offering to send her "most inimate pictures ever!!!"

Here's a tip, Mr Ad-layout guy: If you're going to use three exclamation marks, at least spell 'intimate' right, otherwise we'll all know where your eye has been wandering to when you should have been concentrating on something else.

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