Monday, January 22, 2007

Gratitude should be my attitude

Cath has this annoying habit of, when I'm in a glump, telling me to 'count my blessings'. But it does work as a pick me up. Here in no particular order are ten of my blessings at the moment.

1) Cath - who, even after all this time, finds ways to make me laugh. Like last night when she said Thomas Rosicky of Arsenal had bad hair and reminded her of a young k.d.lang. (And she's right, which makes it even funnier.)
2) My car - which probably needs a new wheel bearing but took us safely to Shrubbery and back AND has a CD player in it (a big step up from the broken tape player I had in the grey Escort)
3) The Lost Prophets CD in my car's CD player, 'cos you need a loud CD to mask the squeaks of a wheel bearing giving up the ghost, plus Adam 'Acker for giving me a HMV token for Christmas so I could purchase said CD
4) A nice warm house given that its gone below freezing for the first time this winter
5) Kinder Surprises - especially the French ones that Viv and Ian bought me that had an Asterix toy in them
6) The geeky fun of sorting stamps
7) My job, which has annoyed the hell out of me in the past fortnight, but at least gives me the chance to write for a living
8) In less than a month we'll be celebrating my Grandad's 90th birthday
9) Dave's nice warm house, which is a lot tidier now he's married, meaning we can stay with him in Shrewsbury and sleep in almost proper beds (!)
10) Commenters on my blog - cheers guys! (And if that's not a blatant request for more comments then I don't know what is.)


  1. Anonymous23/1/07 10:38

    Blessings to you, Jon.

  2. Blessing number 11 - Wireless keyboards - yay!

  3. Blessings number 12 - Beetroot sandwiches with a bit of black pepper, I just love them! Experiencing is believing!