Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grey hairs

In the queue for a check out at Asda, Cath suddenly scrutinized my hair, saying: "Hey, I think you’ve got some grey hairs here" [prod, prod, just above my ear].
Me: "Okay…"
Cath: "Look!" [yanks a grey hair to show me]
Me: "OW!"
The funny thing was she couldn’t see why I didn’t want her pulling* my grey hairs in the checkout queue at Asda. [*in the interest of matrimonial harmony, I should point out that she refutes the claim that she plucked my grey hair out, although it felt that she certainly pulled it hard enough to tear it out by the roots]

It's not the only time recently that Cath has decided to groom me. A few days ago I was washing up and she decided to pluck a hair that was growing out of my ear, resulting in an interchange not unlike the one above that ended in me similarly going "OW!" I wasn't particularly thrilled by her observation of "Oh, look, it's straw coloured." So, I have blonde ears. So, what?

Now don’t get me wrong - secretly I’m quite glad that after 8 years of being married Cath still wants to pluck me. But if you’re going to pluck, then there’s a time and a place for it. Washing up while somebody plucks you isn't the easiest way to do household chores. And the local supermarket is definitely NOT the place for a quick pluck. Nobody wants to walk into somewhere to do their weekly shop and see couples plucking by the check outs. It's very off-putting.


  1. Anonymous11/1/07 00:15

    Straw LIKE was what I said...& do you really want to be talking about this on the web?!

  2. I agree with Cath... grey hair and Christmas pants... is there no end to the depths to which you will sink on your blog?!

  3. well its only when I post stuff like this that anyone bothers to comment. don't want to be seen as jonny no mates!