Saturday, May 27, 2023

Snack of the Month - big corn that was a Lidl disappointing

Just sneaking in a snack of the month for May before June arrives! I've been too busy to blog for most of May. 

This "BBQ Giant Corn" were an impulse purchase in Lidl. Alesto is a pseudo brand name that Lidl stick on lots of their snacks. 

These were satisfyingly crunchy. Highly recommended if you want a noisy snack to annoy other people with while watching a film. 

However, flavour-wise, Lidl really overdid the paprika. If they had been marketed as fiery chili they would have been fine, but I was expecting "BBQ" and they were just a hot chili flavour. In fairness, the big pile of chili powder in the illustration on the front of the packaging should have tipped me off. 

The chili heat wasn't unpleasant but I think a real BBQ flavour would have been nicer paired with the cracking crunch.

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