Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Provenance - update

Further to my post on the provenance of quotes and stories that are told as true, I emailed Itzhak Perlman's management agency, IMG.

I got an email back from a nice lady called Elizabeth Sobol. She said, and I quote:

Thanks for your note.
We have had many inquiries such as yours. As such, I have had the opportunity to ask Mr. Perlman about it and he has confirmed that the story is not a true one.
Best wishes,
So, there you go. If you ever wondered whether that Izthak Perlman 'with what remains' story was true, there's the answer.


  1. Makes you wonder how many more of those 'stories' are fake.

    BTW Ludwig ... What???

  2. Ludwig was a spammer, so I've binned him off.

    I'm beginning to doubt the provenance of most stories I hear.