Thursday, May 27, 2010

The weight of possessing 'stuff'. Your chance for FREE books.

There's a great line in Fight Club (I think) which I'll paraphrase as - "that stuff you possess, it ends up possessing you".

I've just read this interesting article about how to actually get on with the task of liberating yourself from possessions. It's a bit 'eat the elephant' in the advice it gives. One small bit at a time.

I need to free up space on my bookshelves, and one of the suggestions is to identify things you would like to give away. So, in my own version of freecycle, I'm going to give you, dear blog reader, an opportunity to avail yourself of some free books. Just comment if you want them and I will put them to one side for you when I start eating the elephant.

Collection 1: About 8 books by Frank Herbert (he of Dune fame - none of the Dune books are in this bundle)
Collection 2: About 10 books by Isaac Asimov
Collection 3: About 7 books by Arthur C. Clarke
Collection 4: About 10 good quality sci-fi books by Ben Bova, Poul Anderson, Brain Aldiss, Fritz Leiber and others

All these are books I've read, and probably enjoyed although it was so long ago I can't remember, but realistically I'm not going to read them again. I'm not asking for any money, not even a donation to charity. If you decide to donate to charity anyway then that is entirely your good karma and nothing to do with me.

Remember, comment and say which ones you want. If someone has already claimed them then comment anyway, because I might like you more. (Don't tell anyone!)

(And if it wasn't Fight Club, then correct me in the comments. Seriously, I don't want to be misattributing quotes.)

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