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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 things that really probably do not exist

The Mongolian Death Worm
The Golden Plates that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from (sorry, Mormons, I like you, but you have to admit, the provenance is ropey and the claim that the plates had to be returned to a celestial librarian seems a little "convenient")
Glittery vampires
The Force (ooh, controversial)
Altruistic cats
Aliens in flying saucers probing people

What would you add? (Or what of these does exist?)

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At 1/12/09 14:21, Blogger justin said...

Here's just a few:

Atlantis ...
The Tooth Fairy ...
Leprechauns ...
Aliens ... (seriously)
Loch Ness ...
er ...
... Politicians who aren't interested in power


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