Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vodka Bongos

The other night I went onto a trip to the The-at-er (darling!). In the interval I was at the bar and asked for an orange juice. The woman next to me made a mistake and asked for two fruit juices. She was given two cartons of Five Alive.

Because obviously the classy patrons at the Wales Millennium Centre are going to want to drink vaguely fruity drinks designed for five year olds.

Although, as my friend Bryan pointed out, it could have been worse. It could have been Um Bongo.

That observation led to a silly conversation about whether you could serve Um Bongo as a mixer. Vodka Bongo, anyone? If anything can really make you 'wongo' that will!

We have agreed that when we open our high-class cinema/club hub/place to be seen the cocktail menu will definitely feature Vodka Bongos. It will be our distinctive drink. Closely followed by Grand Marnier Vimto and Tizer Surprizer. Any other ideas? Leave a comment.


  1. Love it! This post made me laugh but also made me wonder...what might a vodka bongo taste of? And what about Malib-ena, malibu and ribena?! Disgusting methinks!

  2. I didn't mean taste of....I meant taste *like*, sorry. Next time I'll give my full attention to my commenting!

  3. Ooooh - the possibilities are endless!

    Ribena and Rum, anyone?

    (I'll have a Rumbena pleeeez)

  4. Those are drinks I would definitely try to drink under age (The only one to be fair).

    Maybe a vodka lucozade will give a bit of a kick, double the amount of energy and being high at the same time. COOL

  5. Anonymous8/8/09 02:29

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