Monday, April 20, 2009

An apology to my mum

Just for the record, because she commented crossly on my previous post, I don't think my mum has a drinking problem.

She does like the occasional glass (or two) at parties. (And that was more my point, because if she was at a party where the wine ran out I'm sure she would have a glass in front of her.) And she can hold her liquor and normally stops when she's had enough. (If you want to see someone get twinkled up you should see my Grandma when she's had a couple.) And I probably shouldn't have implied more than that, really.

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  1. Anonymous20/4/09 22:41

    Thank you for the apology. It is much appreciated.
    I enjoyed reading the actual article and the way you looked at the story. I have always wondered about Jesus's reaction to what his mother said as it seems out of character, or the character we like to impose on him. I suppose my time in Africa made me realise more the cultural differences that come in the way we address people. I will never forget when Grandma visited us in The Gambia and I had to tranlate "muskebaa" to her, the first word a villager said. It meant "old woman" and was usually a term of respect!