Sunday, January 18, 2009

She hangs her head in shame

My friend Clare is a major film fanatic (97 films in the cinema last year). So I was a bit surprised when she emailed me for help in identifying film posters, especially as one of the film posters she was stuck on was this:

I replied "Seriously?" One of the most iconic film posters of all time? Didn't the fact that that's Darth Vader's head in the background give it away? She was suitably embarrassed when I pointed it out.


  1. Wow, a film fanatic who doesn't know the Star Wars poster... that would be about as bad as a writer who doesn't know his its from his it's wouldn't it?

    So ner. ;)

  2. Correct use of 'its' versus knowledge of Star Wars. Which one is actually more important in the grand scheme of things, hey?

    You've got to think big picture, sweetheart.

  3. Hahaha Jon you're so mean, naming and shaming everyone's favourite film-geek! ;) She gives as good as she gets though :)