Saturday, December 06, 2008

Road to recovery

In case people thought I'd abandoned my blogging - or died - the last two weeks I've been laid up with a very bad cold/cough. I actually had 10 days off work as a result. I was signed off right until my planned leave for the Glenwood panto, this week.

Being ill meant I missed a whole heap of things. Big thanks to Viv for filling in for me on the youth weekend away at such short notice.

Even now I've still got a bit of a cough. I seemed to spend most of my time onstage in the panto trying not to cough. For those who don't know, I was Elvis the Cowardly Lion in our own Cardiff-ised version of the Wizard of Oz. That meant I spent most of my time broiling in an all over fur suit, before changing into my Elvis garb, complete with massive quiff, for the final scene.

I lost so much water wearing my suit that for a couple of days I peed the darkest orange pee you ever did see. Thankfully now I'm rehydrated back to normal. Here are a couple of pictures, if you didn't get along to see me...


"Oh no I scared myself"

Elvis being menaced by Peggy Witchell (it's a long story) played by my fellow youth leader Emma D.


  1. you should wear face paint more often you look about 12 not 32 in those photos.

  2. Hey I look remarkably youthful without the face paint...

  3. you look like an lion/ewok!

  4. Anonymous8/12/08 11:45

    I love it!! Wish I'd been up to coming along - looks like you properly got into it. So glad to hear you were able to do the panto - in spite of the coughing! Good to see you back in blogland again :)

  5. was a bit worried the photos were going to be of the urine, not the lion.

    A simply awesome costume, but in the last one you do look like Wicket!

  6. Anonymous8/12/08 20:53

    Glad to see you are back.
    Enjoyed the panto very much. Still laugh to myself over the advice to a vegetarian lion unwilling to eat Dorothy, "Well, chew her up and spit out the bits". Mmmm. What does that say about me?
    Send on my congratulations to the rest of the players and the back-up team. They were brilliant - and you of course.