Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"If we only had a droid" are champions

We (i.e. me, Cathy, Clare and Tom) went to the first Monday night quiz at The Gate last night and walked away the winners. Our success meant our ironic team name was wrong - we didn't need a droid after all to win our free round of drinks.

It would be great though if you could get real R2-D2 droids to help out in pub quizzes. "R2, quick - use your wireless interface and surf the net - what's the captial of Luxembourg?" (We got that one wrong, because I got it confused with Liechtenstein and said it was Vaduz)

Of course, every answer he gave would be "bee boop be boop". And I'm not sure the quizmaster general would accept that.


  1. Yeeeahhhh...winners!
    I still reckon next time we should call ourselves "We don't need a droid"

  2. Anonymous16/9/08 16:48

    Wireless interface eh? Why not use it on all those computers he keeps talking to?

  3. Yeah that thought occurred to me. I guess in one way that shows how dated Star Wars really is, needing a physical interface. Of course it might have been a security system - they maight have shielded their systems from wireless snoops outside, but no one was expecting a rogue droid to be on the Death Star.

    It has to be said the computer system on the Death Star isn't the best protected. Not only can R2 hack into security files and find a top secret prisoner, he can also run a handy map off for Luke and Han. It's almost as if someone wanted a dramatic rescue to take place...

    Strangely though in Transformers, Frenzy downloaded stuff from Air Force One using a physical connection, which is how they traced the data dump, so who knows, maybe Hollywood will never go wireless.

  4. Wow, I'm not surprised you guys won if you put all your genius minds together. Well done gang ;) x