Monday, June 09, 2008

Petroglyphs on Potash Road

This morning we left Moab and travelled down the Potash Road to look at the seven hundred year old rock art carved into the dark coating on the cliffs. Of course, several modern day artists have carved stuff next to it too. But the original figures are still compelling and curious. One set, carved like a set of people cut out from paper made me smile.

On the way back to our car we saw a family of skunks crossing the road - a mum and three babies. We followed her at a distance and watched her safely esconce her family in the a tiny cave behind a tree.

From Moab we headed out to Natural Bridges National Park, before taking an off-road trip to Muley Point where we could look out over Monument Valley - the real wild west of mesas and scrub. After traversing a switchback road down a cliff we took another off-road diversion - this time a 20 mile trip through the Valley of the Gods.

When we arrived in our destination for the night, Bluff, there were very few places open. We ended up in a barbecue steakhouse and I sacrificed my vegetarian ethics so I could actually eat something - authentic deep south barbecue chicken. It was delicious.

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