Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I bagged a bargain Boba

We went out to the out-of-town TK Maxx last night and I found a Boba Fett 12" action figure from the Original Trilogy Collection range released a couple of years ago. It comes in a box containing both the figure and reproduction packaging.

This particular figure retails on Amazon at $70 and on eBay for £20 at least. TK Maxx's price: £3.99. Yes, that's right - £3.99!

What I think probably happened was someone was pricing up the toys, asked how much the Star Wars figures were and was told 'Oh, they're all £3.99', so they priced the one 12" one at £3.99 along with all the regular size figures. I couldn't believe my luck and now it's sitting nicely, still in it's box, in my Boba collection. (It's Boba number 17 if you must know!)

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