Friday, January 04, 2008

Three day weeks are the future

Yay, it's Friday already. Which feels weird, yet welcome.

I've been thinking the last couple of days of starting a blog chronicling 'Paranoid Evangelicals', based mainly on what I see in the religious press and also the forwarded emails which come round the office regularly. Here's a few bits and bobs which could go on:

  1. Royal Mail are suppressing Christian Christmas stamp designs (not true)
  2. The Golden Compass is the "anti-Narnia" for atheists (kind of true, but the film is poor)
  3. Hope 2008 [a Christian initiative] is a multi-faith apostacy [sic] (not true)
  4. "Outrage" as Borders bookshops give out atheist Christmas cards with copies of The God Delusion (I thought this was amusing marketing)
So, that's four without really looking any further than my email inbox. Sadly I'm a bit too busy to set up another blog (I currently have 3 on the go - 4 if you count freelance theology, plus 1 I never update any more). If only I had the kind of time on my hands as the people who compose concerned emails and send them to everyone in their address book .... ;)

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