Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hairspray and Holy Water

An evening out at the Russes last night and we watched Hairspray, which for some reason they were convinced I'd hate as it's a musical. I really enjoyed it. John Travolta in drag and Christopher Walken strutting some funky moves, some damn fine singing and enough hilarious lyrics to make you laugh out loud. What's not to like? And it had MMMmmmmmichelle Pfeiffer 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' in it too (is it wrong that I still think she's hot?)

Elaine had also purloined a bottle of holy water for me from her grandparent's car. It's from Lourdes and the bottle is shaped like the blessed virgin. You take off her crown to get the water out, although as it has bits floating in it, it's probably not safe to drink.

I find religious tat like that quite amusing really, so I've put plastic bottle Mary with my "myyrh" incense sticks, Last Supper chewing gum ("The King of the Chews"), and the Jesus-playing-extreme-sports-etc calendar. I might clear a shelf for it all at some point and add in my action figures of Jesus and Moses.

I can see the conversation with my more evangelical friends now...
"What the Heck is that?!?!?!"

"Oh, that's my shelf of religious tat. I think it's rather fun..."


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