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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Recently Cath and I were sitting outside our friends' new house waiting for them to come back. And while we did so we were flicking through a pile of hymn books, like you do. In this case, it was to try and find nice hymns for a wedding.

One of the books - 'World Praise' of the Mission Praise ilk - had an international section which meant a number of very popular songs and hymns were published in English, Spanish and German. Being a cultured internationalist, and uniquely gifted singer to boot, I was soon regaling my wife with well-known songs in German. True, I have no idea how to pronounce German words, but we had the car windows open and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a good impression on our friends' new neighbours by singing hymns in German very loudly. Who knows there may have been a German speaker within earshot who heard my singing and fell to their knees in prayer and supplication begging God to make it stop.

And, just so readers of this blog don't feel left out, here's one of the songs. See if you can guess what it is...
Der Himmel zeugt
von der Herrlichkeit des Herrn der Herr'n.
Wer ist ihm gleich,
dem einzig Auferstandenen?
In Ewigkeit bist du
das Lamm auf Gottes Thron!
Ich beuge meine Knie
und bete an den Sohn.

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At 3/7/07 11:11, Blogger starinajar said...

all heaven declares?

At 3/7/07 14:49, Blogger Jongudmund said...


At 3/7/07 14:54, Blogger starinajar said...

what do i win?

At 3/7/07 16:47, Blogger Jongudmund said...

I will record a hymn in German for you to use as a ringtone if you wish.

At 3/7/07 16:51, Blogger starinajar said...

no offence but that prize is rubbish. I am now blacklisting your blog and will no longer comment on anything... pleugh *sticks tongue out*

At 6/7/07 18:17, Blogger Orient Bird said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 6/7/07 18:19, Blogger Orient Bird said...

Orient Bird was *trying* to say that she agreed with Starinajar...!


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