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Monday, July 09, 2007

Hold on... I've heard that before

Driving into work this morning I heard the new Razorlight single called 'Hold On'. I'm pretty sure I could knock together a 'concept CD' of songs called 'Hold On'. There's a track on Good Charlotte's first album called it, and Jet did an amazing song on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack (for the bit where Spidey doubts himself and has to wrestle with his inner demons). Back in the day I had an Apollo 440 single with a b-side called Hold On (2 What U Got). By way of contrast, there was even a Christian song which leant it's name to a Vineyard collection.

So, that's 5 before I even start looking. Anyone know any more off the top of their heads?

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At 9/7/07 22:48, Blogger Jenny said...

was thinking beautiful south but then realised it is
'Hold on to what'. I was almost there.

At 10/7/07 12:22, Blogger clare isabella said...

Sarah Maclachlan, Kelly Clarkson, Nichole Nordeman and Take That off the top of my head... Dixie Chicks also have Baby Hold On...
There are probably hundreds..


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