Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quantum voter

Sometimes I don’t decide who I vote for until I get into the booth and stand there with my pencil and ballot paper. It’s a ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ experiment, except without the cat. Or the box. Or the radioactive isotope. Or the hydrocyanic acid.

An update on the ‘who should I vote for?’ experiment…
Lorraine Barrett has blotted her copybook with a negative leaflet on the eve of the election that attacked the Lib Dem council and blamed them for all the piles of rubbish lying around Grangetown and had a go at the Conservatives too. It did also include a list of things she’s campaigned for.
Revised total: 1 extra leaflet + 2 positive statements – 3 SMPs = no change overall

On the morning of the election another Lib Dem negative leaflet trashing Labour was posted through the door. It said ‘Good Morning’ on the outside, which was nice. Inside was the contender for most patronising piece of election post, telling people exactly how to vote and to "look for the bird!" on the ballot papers. I’m very unimpressed with the Lib Dems total lack of positive policies. Give them the bird, more like. But they have offered me a lift round the corner to the bowling green if I want one.
Revised total: 1 extra leaflet + 1 positive statements – 2 SMPs = no change overall (meaning the Lib Dems are still scoring 0)

I’m spotting the BNP an extra 3 points at the request of commenter the green arrow, but unfortunately I’m also going to charge him a slanging match point for having a go at UKIP in his comment. So plus 2 for the BNP, giving them a total of -11.

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