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Friday, March 26, 2010

If you want the absolutely definitive definition of the word "fugly"

Then check out this Easter decoration I saw last night in Home Sense in Cardiff.

Yes, that's right a three foot high metallic purple rabbit giving you the evil eyes. Eeeeeeevil!

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At 26/3/10 16:54, Blogger Lanyb said...

You know you'll probably get several now for your birthday? Or was that the plan?

At 26/3/10 20:49, Blogger Coner said...

You saw this in Home Sence, why wasn't it in the No Sence shop. It is really fugly, although I do too think that you secretly want his for your birthday, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

At 29/3/10 16:27, Blogger starinajar said...

that's a kangaroo!?!?


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