Friday, June 07, 2024

Snack of the Month: Moomin choccy biccies

Lidl had these in for their 'Scandinavian week'. Cathy bought me a box as she knows I'm a fan of the Moomins and also a fan of chocolate biscuits. 

The packaging is adorable.

There's a line up of the characters on the top of the box. One of them is chocolate side up so remains anonymous until you open the packaging.

Turns out it was Moomintroll's best friend, Snufkin (bottom left).

The six characters are Moomintroll, the Snork Maiden (Moomintroll's girlfriend), Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Snufkin, and either the Mymble or her sister Little My. The Mymble would make more sense as she is the same height as the other characters whereas Little My is comparatively little (as her name implies). 

Biscuit-wise, they were very nice plain biscuits. They weren't too sweet. The milk chocolate was decent quality and enhanced the biscuitiness of the biscuits. 

The box contained a decent number of biscuits so it lasted a few days. (I showed more restraint than Moomintroll would have.)

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