Thursday, May 12, 2022

Snax of the Month - Doritos Stax

It's always interesting when snack food brands try to muscle into territory that is already occupied by a successful product. Walkers are clearly having another run at dislodging Pringles in the 'savoury snacks sold in tubes' category. Their previous attempt with "Stax" presumably didn't come off because the product seems to have disappeared.

I didn't pay full price for these but when I spotted them in Home Bargains I thought I'd give them a go. I wasn't that impressed by the first iteration of Stax. But these are Doritos Stax, and Doritos are some of the best corn chps around. And the "tube" is now triangular.

The hinged lid is a nice touch.

I'd already sampled a few by the time I took a photo down the tube.

The tube worked protecting the chips. They came out in really good condition. There were barely any crumbs at the bottom of the tube. 

Taste-wise, the smoky bbq rib flavour is dangerously tasty. It would be very easy to polish off a tube of these in one short sitting. The chips are thinner than a normal corn chip and have a great crunch. They also don't have any of the horrible waxy fatty consistency of Pringles. 

As an added bonus, the triangular tube can be recycled, unlike Pringles tubular tubes. So that's another point in Stax's favour. I'd recommend them to anyone who is thinking of buying their crisps in a tube in the near future. 

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